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Vacuum Sealer

Lock in Freshness with Your Fingertips

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Vacuum Sealers

For us, cooking isn’t just a daily chore. It’s an activity that nourishes our minds and bodies after a hard day’s work. Cooking a meal with fresh ingredients truly brings us home with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. But, fresh meat and produce doesn’t last forever; too often, farm-fresh food loses its flavor after a few days in the fridge.

We wanted to eliminate waste and keep our groceries fresh for longer, so we developed the HiCOZY Vacuum Sealer to effortlessly preserve the ingredients we love the most. Following our design philosophy of uncompromising convenience and quality, the HiCOZY Vacuum Sealer features industry-first magnetic auto-sealing technology, delivering truly automatic operation.

At HiCOZY, our products work as great as they look. We painstakingly designed our vacuum sealer to be equal parts stylish and functional. From preserving food in a home kitchen to giving it as a gift, the HiCOZY Vacuum Sealer is a meticulously-crafted addition to the HiCOZY Home, combining style, convenience and functionality in one sleek package.


  • Q: What is the purpose of a vacuum sealer?

    A: A vacuum sealer removes the air from the space around your food and uses a heated sealing bar to fuse the sides of the bag. preserving your food’s freshness for an extended period of time.

  • Q: How do I use this vacuum sealer?

    Put one end of the vacuum bag in the seal line and press the Seal Button.

    Put the food in the bag.

    Put the unsealed end into the vacuum channel and choose a sealing level that is appropriate for the contents.

  • Q: Is the plastic bagging material BPA free?

    A: HiCOZY Vacuum Bags are BPA-free.

  • Q: Can it properly seal juicy food?

    A: You can adjust the sealing time for various foods to get the perfect seal every time. Even juicy fresh meat, seafood and cured meat can be properly preserved.

  • Q: Is the sealing bag recyclable?

    A: After washing the sealing bag properly, it can be reused.

  • Q: Can I use the vacuum sealer to seal chips?

    A: HiCOZY Vacuum Sealer features several modes including: Dry, Moist, Seal, Canister and Manual, along with strong and soft suction levels. You can choose Manual Mode with soft suction, so that the chips can be properly preserved.

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