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Portable Air Cooler

Bring the Breeze Wherever You Go

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Portable Air Cooler

There’s nothing like a refreshing cool breeze on a hot day. That crisp air offers a moment of relaxation and rest from stuffy days in the office and sleepless summer nights. We wanted to capture that naturally refreshing feeling and be able to enjoy it anywhere, so we developed the HiCOZY Portable Air Cooler.

This versatile 3-in-1 cooling companion works as a portable air conditioner, desktop fan and mist sprayer. It turns hot stagnant air into a refreshing breeze in seconds, bringing a relaxing peace; even in the scorching summer heat. This air cooler features 2 mist levels and 3 fan speeds for creating a personalized cooling space. Its ultrasonic atomization technology creates 20x more micron-level mist volume, delivering a gentle breeze in summer and skin-friendly misting in winter. The AC’s silent misting mode and overall low-noise operation allow it to easily humidify dry areas and bring the breeze without disturbing others. When it’s time to clean the HiCOZY Portable Air Cooler, its large water reservoir can easily be removed and cleaned.

At HiCOZY, our products perform as great as they look. We endeavor to design our portable air cooler to be equal parts stylish and functional. Its quiet but powerful cooler brings a gently refreshing breeze wherever you go; helping you live happy, live cozy.


  • Q: Can I use it while sleeping?

    A: Our portable air cooler offers a whisper-quiet cooling experience, featuring 1/2/4 hour timers and a low-noise breeze mode, so you can use it while working, studying and sleeping.

  • Q: Can it be used to cool an entire room?

    A: HiCOZY Portable Air Cooler is designed for personal cooling. It is intended to create a local area of comfort instead of an entire room.

  • Q: Does it cool down enough in summer?

    A: This multifunctional air cooler features a mist sprayer, an evaporative cooling fan and an air cooler. You can use these features independently or simultaneously for a superior cooling experience sufficient to keep a personal space cool in the summer heat.

  • Q: Will the air cooler make my desk wet?

    A: Normally it doesn’t. The air cooler’s innovative ultrasonic atomization technology emits a gentle and fine mist so that it won’t cause extensive humidity. Please note that the water reservoir is detachable; when lifting the body, hold it above the water reservoir for 2-3 seconds to avoid water dripping.

  • Q: How long does the water reservoir last?

    A: It depends on the mode and level you choose. It can work for up to 9 hours if you choose fan speed 3 and mist mode 1. It can work for 3 hours if you choose fan speed 2 and mist mode 2.

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