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  • The water reservoir is full but the indicator pulse yellow.

    1. The filter cover is clogged.
    2. The water pump is out of order.
    3. The float in the water reservoir is clogged.

    You may remove the filter cover to check if there are any foreign objects;

    then re-start the ice maker.

  • The indicator flashes in blue but the ice is not full in the ice basket.

    It could be a sensor malfunction or ice accumulated around the sensor.

    You may clean the sensor and take out the ice in the ice basket; then re-start the ice maker.

  • The ice-making process is normal but the ice produced is broken, which lasts for more than 2 hours.

    1. Poor heat dissipation.
    2. The water temperature is too high.
    3. The ambient temperature is too high.

    Allow at least 4 inches (10.2cm) of distance from the back and sides of the appliance to allow proper ventilation.

    Filling with hot water may cause malfunction.

    If the ambient temperature is too high(>32℃/90℉) or malfunction will happen.

  • Ice cubes stick together.

    The ice-making time is too long or the temperature in the water reservoir is too low.

    Stop the ice-making. Restart the ice-making process after the ice melted.

    Ensure the temperature in the water reservoir is higher than 8℃/46℉.

  • Loud noise during operating.

    The ice maker has not been cleaned for a long time, resulting in the formation of sticky substances in the water inlet of the pump, making the water pumping performance poorly. The appliance should be washed in one week or two, please use mild cleansers.

Note:Please feel free to reach our professional customer service team if the above solutions failed to address your problems.

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