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  • Ice Maker
  • Vacuum Sealer
  • Electric Spin Scrubber
  • Portable Air Cooler
  • Pet Grooming Kit
  • Q: What comes with the product?

    2. Ice Maker x1
    3. Tray x1
    4. User Manual x1
    5. Water Intake Tube x1
    6. Warranty Card x1
    7. HiCOZY Brand Brochure x1
    8. Ice Scoop x1
    9. Inlet fittings x2
  • Q: How many pounds of ice does the reserve bucket hold?

    The normal ice capacity of the ice basket is 1200g±10%. The maximum ice capacity is 1800g±10%. The ice cubes may spread out in a mountainous shape.

  • Q: What's the difference between the basic and the dual model(MBBS1&MBBS2)

    The Dual model(MBBS2)(MBBS2) has 2 ice-making modes(Cycle & Eco Modes) available. And the basic(MBBS1) has one mode(Eco). The machine will stop when ice in the basket is full under ECO mode, and it will continually make ice in cycles under Cycle mode.

  • Q: Any recommended cleaning solutions?

    Please add some citric acid or baking soda and water to the reservoir for cleaning the internal tube. The ratio of citric acid to water is 1:20; and the ratio of baking soda to water is 4:1/4 (4 cups of water; 1/4 cup of baking soda).

  • Q: How many watts?( Cycle and Eco modes)

    The power in both modes is the same, both at around 220W.

  • Q: For model MBBS1(Basic) does it automatically restart making ice when ice basket full?

    The MBBS1(Basic) model does not restart to make ice automatically after the ice basket full. This is designed to reduce the inefficient operation of the machine for a longer lifetime and achieve energy savings. 

    We also have the automatic circle feature on our new ice maker products (MBBS2/ Dual model).

  • Q: What are the meanings of the different color indicators?

    1. Flashing white light--- Standby status: Powered on, awaiting input.
    2. Light off---Power-off status: Device is powered off.
    3. Flashing blue light---Full indicator: The ice basket is full; the ice maker will stop producing ice.
    4. Flashing yellow light---Water shortage: More water needed.
    5. Random-color flashing---Ice-making status: The ice maker is operating.
    6. Solid yellow light---Cleaning mode: The ice maker is self-cleaning; it takes approximately 3 minutes. Do not disconnect the power supply.
  • Q: No ice after 3 hours. A few cubes made and then melted. Anything I should try?

    Please check whether the fan spins properly and leave at least 4 inches (10.2cm) of clearance around the back and sides of the appliance to allow proper ventilation.

  • Q: It makes ice very quickly, but 90% of the time, the ice is like shaved ice but no nuggets. Why?

    The temperature of the water will affect the ice production, please use pure water at normal temperature to see if the product works properly.

  • Q: The machine squeaking very loudly. Is there any suggestion?

    If the product lacks water for a period of time before this sound issue happens, please try to turn off the unit and empty the water tank, let the machine stand for at least 30 minutes, and then add sufficient water again to restart.

  • Q: Quick Start Guide

    1. Connect the power, open the cover, place the filled vacuum bag in the vacuum channel.
    2. Close the cover, turn on the machine and  press the Dry or Moist buttons to vacuum and seal the bag according to the ingredients.
    3. To seal without vacuuming, press the Seal Button to quickly seal the bag.  
    4. After the seal is complete, the machine will beep twice.
  • Q: Does the vaccum sealer come with bags and mason jar hose?

    HiCOZY vacuum sealer machine comes with 10 BPA-free bags (8" x 12") and 1 BPA-free roller (8" x 16'). You can find the bags and thevacuum hose inside the sealer. Mason Jar is not included.

  • Q: This has a tube for connecting a mason jar lid cover but no cover. What mason jar sealer cover is compatible?

    The tube we present is suitable for Mason jars with a diameter of the lid joint of 0.2in. And this unit can be used to vacuum mason jars with the jar sealer.

  • Q: Does this have the ability to attach a cord for use with mason jar vacuum-sealing lids?

    This unit can be used to vacuum mason jars with the jar sealer.

  • Q: Can this be used for sous vide?

    You can seal food in the bag and then sous vide cook. It also helps meal prep and saves extra meat or other food and great for sealing items to freeze to prevent freezer burn.

  • Q: How to adjust the sealing time?

    You can press the "+" and "-" buttons to adjust the sealing time to achieve the best sealing effect. For example, increase the sealing time to vacuum and seal marinated meats, or decrease the sealing time for thin bags.

  • Q: Does the vacuum sealer have a built-in cutter?

    HiCOZY SJ-2030 vacuum sealer has a built-in cutter and bag storage, allowing you to cut the bag to the desired size for less waste.

  • Q: What is the size of the sealing part?

    HiCOZY vacuum sealer machine is compatible with the width of 11.8 inch bags, and fits most of the bags in the market.

  • Q: I was able to seal the meat with this vacuum sealer, but it did not suck the air out completely. What should I do?

    Could you please check if there is any air leakage of the bottom on the vacuum bag? And the vacuum cotton may loosen during transportation, please press the panel slightly harder and use a new bag to have a try.

  • Q: The hard feet have it sliding all over the table or countertops while we are trying to use it one-handed. What should I do?

    The bottom of our product has an adhesive strip to prevent sliding. Please check if the adhesive strip is shifted.

  • Q: Where can I get replacement brush heads?

    HiCOZY replacement brush heads are already on sale in our shop HiCOZY. There are two types: BH1 & BH2. They are suitable for different cleaning needs and all are compatible with HSE1 & HS1.

  • Q: How to clean stubborn stains more thoroughly with HiCOZY Electric Spin Scrubber?

    It is recommended to use the stronger mode and use it with some detergent to remove heavy-duty dirts.

  • Q: Where can I use Electric Spin Scrubber?

    It's compact enough to clean those hard-to-reach corners like spaces between furniture, kitchen stoves, or your car interiors.

  • Q: Can I use 220V to charge the Electric Spin Scrubber?

    Yes, you can use both 110V and 220V AC power supply to charge the spin scrubber.
    Please note that the charging head of HSE1 should be 5V 1A. And the HS1 is 5V 2A.

  • Q: How long does this take to charge?

    The HS1 takes about 3 hours to fully charge. And the HSE1 is 4 hours.
    The indicator light will turn green after it is fully charged.

  • Q: Can this be used with Essential oil?

    No, to extend product life and achieve a better product effect, please do not put foreign objects in the Atomizer, such as essential oil, perfume, ice cubes, etc.

  • Q: Can the light be turned off?

    Yes, you can press and hold the Mist Button for 3 seconds to turn on/off the Ambient Light.

  • Q: Why is the air cooler automatically cut off?

    Please check whether there is any foreign matter adhering to the PogoPin(indicated as ③ in the user manual) or whether the contact is in place.

  • Q: The mist function of the air cooler cannot work.

    Please check whether the PogoPin(indicated as ③ in the user manual) end is in poor contact. Try to press the product to see if the mist can come out normally.

  • Q: The fan does not blow cool air.

    This is a portable air cooler for cooling a small area, such as when you working, reading, bedroom rest. You can immerse the EVAPORATIVE COOLING PAD(indicated as ② in the user manual) in cold water and securely insert it into the product body to get a better cooling effect.

  • Q: How long does the water reservoir last?

    It depends on the mode and level you choose. It can work for up to 9 hours if you choose fan speed 3 and mist mode 1. It can work for 3 hours if you choose fan speed 2 and mist mode 2.

  • Q: Why is it so loud?

    The noise level for this air cooler is 48 dB. It may sound noisy when used in a rather quiet environment. There are 3 speeds to choose from, we recommend using 1st or 2nd speed when the ambient temperature is not so high.

  • Q: Is this suitable for my cat or dog?

    Yes! Our pet-friendly 'Cozy Mode' helps reduce your pet's anxiety. We also provide 5 sizes of guard combs, making this kit appropriate for short-haired and long-haired animals alike. It also includes an extra-large 2 L dust cup that can reduce dumping times.

  • Q: Any tips for keeping my pet calm while grooming?

    Tips for grooming pets at home:

    1. Let your pet explore the grooming kit.
    2. Play soothing music.
    3. Play with them before grooming.
    4. Stop grooming if it gets to be 'too much' and give them a break.
    5. Reward them when they are calm.
  • Q: Will this pet grooming kit be loud when used?

    This pet vacuum features the industry-first COZY MODE, which gradually increases the noise levels from 45 dB to 57 dB within 5 minutes to reduce the pet's anxiety. Tip: Let your pet sniff and touch the device before turning it on to start grooming, give them a treat to help calm them down.

  • Q: Does it work on wet or damp fur?

    No, never use it on wet fur or liquids. Always fully dry your pet's hair before grooming and trimming.

  • Q: How can I get the replacement accessories?

    HiCOZY replacement accessories will be available in November. Come back and check out our store then!

  • Q: Does the trimmer come with a charger?

    It comes with a USB charge cable but the compatible wall charger block (5V 2A) isn't included.

  • Q: Can it be used outside of the United States?

    The compatible voltages ranging from 110V~130V~60Hz, such as the United States or Canada. If you bring it to another country for use, you will need to purchase an additional transformer and converter.

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