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HiCOZY Dual-Mode Nugget Ice Maker

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3.97 Pounds

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  1. Quicool Technology, Fast Ice Making: HiCOZY uses a highly-efficient compressor that starts producing ice in just 5 minutes, the ice maker produces 55lb per day (Total output may vary depending on the ambient temperature). The ice maker is not only productive, it is also low noise, energy saving and environmentally friendly. Strongly empower the ice maker, the ice production is twice the market average,energy-saving extend the service life of the ice maker.
  2. Cycle & Eco Modes: 2 ice-making modes available. Under Eco mode, the ice maker will stop when ice in the basket is full, extending its service life and saving your bill & environment. Under Cycle mode, the ice maker will continually make ice in cycles to ensure you always have fresh ice for your family and big parties. To enjoy the ice at its freshest, please use up ice in the basket or put it in the fridge to avoid melting around.
  3. Icy Power for Happy Hour: Compared to traditional ice, the nugget ice is softer, chewable and crunchy, enriching your buds when you have drinks,that can chill beverages, cocktails, and drinks quickly. Enjoy freshly-chilled beverages with the HiCOZY Ice Maker, great for summer events. Press one button to conveniently start making ice. Enjoy refreshing ice anytime, anywhere.
  4. Self and Deep Cleaning: One-click cleaning to provide you with the thorough cleaning, easy operation to free your hands; the inner pump can be cleaned manually, which solves the problem of Incomplete manual cleaning, double cleaning to provide a safe, clean and comfortable ice-making experience. Note: If you add water manually, please do not leave the tank empty for a long time when the power is on or there'll be a warning sound. Please add water when the power is off.
  5. Efficient, Affordable, Delicious Ice: The HiCOZY ice maker is compact and light enough to easily move and set up. The dimensions are 9.6*14.2*16 in, weight 28lb, can be easily placed and used in the kitchen, office, cafe, bar, courtyard and other scenes. Its appropriate size and included ice scoop make the user experience neat and simple.Note: it is recommended to store the nugget ice in the fridge if it's not used for a long time.

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HiCOZY Dual-Mode Nugget Ice Maker
HiCOZY Dual-Mode Nugget Ice Maker
HiCOZY Dual-Mode Nugget Ice Maker
HiCOZY Dual-Mode Nugget Ice Maker
HiCOZY Dual-Mode Nugget Ice Maker
HiCOZY Dual-Mode Nugget Ice Maker
HiCOZY Dual-Mode Nugget Ice Maker
HiCOZY Dual-Mode Nugget Ice Maker
HiCOZY Dual-Mode Nugget Ice Maker
HiCOZY Dual-Mode Nugget Ice Maker
HiCOZY Dual-Mode Nugget Ice Maker
HiCOZY Dual-Mode Nugget Ice Maker

Questions & Answers

Q: The water reservoir is full but the indicator pulse yellow.

Possible causes:

  1. The filter cover is clogged.
  2. The water pump is out of order.
  3. The float in the water reservoir is clogged.

You may remove the filter cover to check if there are any foreign objects; then re-start the ice maker.

Q: The indicator flashes in blue but the ice is not full in the ice basket.

It could be a sensor malfunction or ice accumulated around the sensor.

You may clean the sensor and take out the ice in the ice basket; then re-start the ice maker.

Q: The ice-making process is normal but the ice produced is broken, which lasts for more than 2 hours.

Possible causes:

  1. Poor heat dissipation.
  2. The water temperature is too high.
  3. The ambient temperature is too high.

Allow at least 4 inches (10.2cm) of distance from the back and sides of the appliance to allow proper

Q: Ice cubes stick together.

The ice-making time is too long or the temperature in the water reservoir is too low.

Stop the ice-making. Restart the ice-making process after the ice melted.

Ensure the temperature in the water reservoir is higher than 8℃/46℉.

Q: Loud noise during operating.

The ice maker has not been cleaned for a long time, resulting in the formation of sticky substances in the water inlet of the pump, making the water pumping performance poorly. The appliance should be washed in one week or two, please use mild cleansers.

Note:Please feel free to reach our professional customer service team if the above solutions failed to address your problems.


Size Standard
Color Black
Number of Items: ‎1
Brand HiCOZY
Model Name Dual-Mode Nugget Ice Maker
Capacity 3.97 Pounds
Wattage 220 Watts
Voltage 120 Volts

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